Biking the Pacific Coast, now on Bucket List Publications!

Bucket List Publications, a new online adventure travel magazine, has featured my story about my recent bike trip from Vancouver to Mexico, check it out here.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, wahoo!


6 thoughts on “Biking the Pacific Coast, now on Bucket List Publications!

  1. Just finished reading your post on bucket list publications – great story! I am just reliving my trip across Canada. I started solo – while a daunting prospect – loved every minute of it! Would love to do it again with people – I imagine the experience would be different.
    I left a link to my blog if you were interested – I am running a series of posts on the adventures! Feel free to pop over! It really has been the best of all my adventures. Not sure when it will happen again – but I do dream of doing something similar around Australia. The difference – I will not go solo across the desert!!!

    • Amazing! Glad you enjoyed the story! I look forward to reading more about your adventures sometime soon. Australia would be amazing, and yes, desert crossings add a whole new dimension to any tour!

  2. Wow! I love this story! Biking across a country was never a plan of mine, although I love cycling, but after reading your story and the thrill of uncertainty plus the kindness you received from strangers, It’s something I really want to do now. I’m going to put that at the very top of my bucket list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This really is one of my favorite reads since joining WordPress. The fact that good people can still be found only hypes up my own theory. We may not stumble upon the goodness of others in crowded cities or racial towns, but we know Good people do exist. Your travel by bike is so inspiring, so alive and free that I will make sure my husband reads your story as well. Maybe that will motivate him! Thanks for sharing!! Safe Travels! 😄

    • Thanks Suzanna! Yes, there certainly are plenty of good people out there, not just in the wilderness either. I was hosted by many kind strangers in big cities as well (San Francisco, Los Angeles)!

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