A month in 7 pictures (and 2 videos)

The unfortunate irony about a blog focused on adventures and travel is that the more these things occur, the less time I have to write about them! So, since it has been a busy month for adventuring (resulting in a quiet month for writing) here is a brief selection of some of the things I have been up to:

Finding romantic caves on Arthur’s Seat 

Gallantly questing for the last remains of snow in the Cairngorm mountains…

…making the most with what we could find…

…and learning rope techniques from the formidable Di Gilbert, mountaineer extraordinaire and climber of Everest.

Tired of the snow conditions in Scotland, we hopped over to Norway for a little cross country skiing instead…

…along the way, we met up with some old friends…

…stayed in some beautiful huts in the mountains…

…and even had some surprise visitors

It’s been a varied and full month, but now it’s back to adventures in the library for the foreseeable future. I will find some time soon to elaborate on some of these adventures!

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